(Released 8:30pm Tuesday, September 9)

Everyone who has been involved in my campaign over the last eight months can take pride that together, we have set a strong example for our city. Ours has been one of the most positive, the most idea-driven and the most idealistic Toronto mayoral campaigns in recent memory.

However, today, I received confirmation of what I suspected for days: while my support is growing, it simply is not growing quickly enough to make any positive difference to the outcome on Election Day, especially given the challenges I’ve faced as a candidate. While we fought this as a campaign of ideas, we’ve also heard from voters who’ve told us that removing Mayor Ford is their top priority.

Together, these challenges lead me to make a tough decision. I am incredibly grateful for the loyal and strong support I've received so far. We have more volunteers, better morale and more donors than ever – but I also feel that asking my supporters to sacrifice more time, more energy and more commitment under these circumstances just isn’t right, especially when we have succeeded in making such a strong statement on so many fronts already.

Tomorrow afternoon, I have arranged for a staffer to withdraw my name from the ballot for the 2014 Mayoral race.

At 1pm, I will be available at City Hall to take any media questions on the conclusion of my campaign.